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LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine



We shared top picks for white noise machines, and this model was a best-seller.

The LectroFan Evo is easy to operate (even in a dark room), small enough to take with you when you travel, and has a wide volume range so you can find the perfect sound level. 

Compared to other “sound machines” that offer sounds like rushing water, thunder or rain noises, this one mainly provides white noise and fan sounds. You get a choice of 10 white-noise settings — some sounds are at a low frequency, others higher. They sort of sound like rushing wind, static, or a “shhh” noise. 

Considering that the Evo has more built-in sounds than most, and especially since none seem like they are on a loop, makes this pick the best one you can buy. Whatever sound setting you choose, the comforting murmur that this speaker provides should drift you off to sleep.