How to stay positive while working from home with roommates

Establish a routine

This may sound like the simplest thing to do, but, surprisingly, it’s the hardest to achieve on a daily basis. Establishing a routine brings some sense of normality back into our lives and can help structure your day.

The most important part is to set an alarm, have a shower and get out of your pajamas every morning so you’re ready to start the day. Next, set up a morning ritual, like watching the news at breakfast or going for a morning run, or try something new and use your commute time to do something you usually wouldn’t.

As for the rest of the day, set a schedule for yourself, set an alarm for morning tea and lunch breaks, or perhaps every Wednesday FaceTime a work colleague for a virtual coffee.

Routines help to keep you in check and shouldn’t stop when work is over. Don’t just spend your evenings sitting around watching TV, pick an activity to do a couple of nights a week, it will help break up the week and make the days not blur into one.