Mother’s Day ideas if you can’t get together

From birthday car parades to virtual happy hours, we’re starting to navigate this whole “shelter in place” thing relatively well, all things considered. But a socially distanced Mother’s Day feels particularly hard, doesn’t it?

After all, your mother’s likely the very person you need most right now — whether it be for a reassuring hug or for her homemade lasagna. And while those things may not be possible at this given moment, you can find solace in her voice as you catch up during a virtual brunch, seek refuge in her laughter while tuning into the perfect mother-daughter television show or movie and watch her light up with the grandkids — even if she has to watch them pick strawberries via video. After you’ve shopped for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts and put together some sweet Mother’s Day crafts, consider embracing one of these stay-connected activities that will serve up some much-needed quality time during quarantine. Whether you’re socially distanced in the same town or toasting her from many miles away, one of these ideas will leave you feeling a little bit closer.