Stress reducing activities you can do at home

Stress looks different for different people, but it’s usually some version of your brain and body crankily pushing back against to all you’re trying to manage.

The question is, what can we to do to relieve stress, especially if we’re stuck inside? Because not to stress you out further, but both chronic and acute stress can have negative impacts on our health.

“When we think about the body on stress, it’s really fuel for the fight-or-flight response,” says Dr. Debra Kissen, the co-chair of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s education committee and co-author of Rewire Your Anxious Brain For Teens. “It’s just that when our brain continues to feel that we’re in danger when we’re not, that stress starts to create all kinds of physical and emotional problems.” Add anxiety and that doesn’t help our stress levels.

But which stress-relief activity will depend on what you’re experiencing at that moment, says Kissen. Are you climbing out of your skin, or is your mind racing? Do you have physical pain, or are feeling overwhelmed? “Having a toolbox of different techniques ready to go when you realize you’re stressed is really important,” she says.

That’s why Good Housekeeping asked the experts for their best stress-relieving activities that you can have at the ready, even if you can’t get outside.