The 8 best toaster ovens to save you time in the kitchen

Best Toaster Oven for Air Frying

Air Fryer Toaster Oven


This is an air fryer toaster oven that can do it all. It includes 13 different cooking functions including five different air fry settings (from nuggets to vegetables), dehydrate, roast, and dual cook, and two different modes (convection setting and frozen) that can be used with multiple functions and settings. We loved how quickly and powerfully the air fry function worked: Chicken wings cooked up the crispiest and so did French fries in the shortest cooking times. 

It toasted the most even bread, baked a golden brown cake and cooked frozen pizza to perfection. It heated the quickest and seemed to get the hottest. The control panel was a little difficult to use, but the user guide was very useful and included a lot of cooking tips, recipes and charts. We liked the added bonus of being able to store the guide (loaded with recommended cooking times and rack positions) right below the oven! The stainless steel housing stayed cool during use and all accessories were dishwasher safe.