These painting kits can turn any novice into the next Picasso

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Sound like your life? In an era where free time is typically devoted to Netflix-bingeing and hobbies spawned out of necessity (like cooking and working out), finding a creative way to unwind is just as important now as it was when you were a kid. Taking on an art project can help you release some tension while letting your creative juices flow.

These painting kits make the process completely painless with step-by-step instructions, plus all the materials you need to get started the second you open up the box. From intuitive paint-by-numbers kits to freeform abstract painting, watercolor paints, and finally, fabric-based shibori dyeing, these paint kits offer plenty of ways to cut out the stress and get creative.


Bob Ross Paint by the Numbers Kit


Who better than the ultimate artistic icon of the ’80s to help you discover the joy of painting? This nostalgic paint-by-numbers kit includes everything you need to create a mini masterpiece, with three business card-sized canvases, seven colorful paint pots, a mini paintbrush and an easel for displaying your finished work.

And for true Bob Ross fans, it also comes with a 32-page book that features painting tips for future projects. 


Paint Your Own Craft Kit



Take your creativity beyond the canvas to produce a practical art piece. In addition to five pots of paint and a paint brush, each kit includes your choice of a ceramic mug, porcelain tea cup set, trinket tray or a latte mug with spoons. 

When you’re finished with your masterpiece, leave it to dry for 24 hours before firing it up in the oven for hand-washable use.